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Glu-lams, 3" x 12" purlins 3' o.c., or wood open web joists (truss joists) 4' o.c. . (5% of total cost) Floor Finish Concrete in work area, resilient tile in sales area. . 40 Standardization, floor and wall tile (ceramic tile), 212-213 Statuary bronze, . 776-799 light-gauge shapes and systems, 800-804 open web joists, trusses, . The fire resistance of steel trusses is directly related to how well the steel is protected . Roofing tiles are usually made from clay or concrete products. . Open-web steel trusses (sometimes called bar joists) can span long A similar problem . Selecting open-web standard, longspan, or deep longspan steel joists is . will be supported by the joist, and (2) selecting the proper joists from the load tables . A channel suspended acoustical tile ceiling system will hang from the bottom of . WOOD ROOF TRUSS AND WOOD FLOOR TRUSS TYPICAL TIMBER FRAME (SHOWING . continuous 2 x 4s perpendicular to the truss chords within the open web and nailing them to truss struts. . Ceilings: Acoustical tile IC) Floors: Carpet . . a structural slab with hollow filler blocks made of lightweight concrete, clay tile, . over by shingles Open-Web Joist lightweight, shop-fabricated steel members . Specify a concrete tile roof. . Problem 8-4 Draw a detail showing 16" deep open-web J-18 floor trusses resting on each side of a 10' high, interior wall framed . Help reducing deflection in open web truss. Collapse . I assume the strong backer will even that out but still. tile sure isn't a fan of movement.

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